Corps structure

The Norwich University Corps of Cadets is structured much like a U.S. Army regiment, with task-organized units responsible for specific missions.

Regimental staff sections are assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Company. Led by the regimental commander and the command staff, they perform administration, operational planning, logistics and other key. In essence, Headquarters and Headquarters Company is the “front office” of the Corps, and the regimental commander is its CEO.

Two line battalions are comprised of three companies each:

  • 1st Battalion
    • Alpha, Bravo and Charlie companies
  • 2nd Battalion
    • Delta, Echo and Foxtrot companies

The primary mission of a line battalion is to train the sophomore class.

Provisional Battalion is home to the Corps specialty units:

  • Band Company
  • Drill Company
    • Drill Team and Shock Platoon
    • Cavalry Troop

Provisional Battalion provides ceremonial support at special events and ceremonies. The Regimental Band also performs concerts and participates in parades throughout the New England region. The national championship Drill Team competes in drill and military excellence competitions around the country, including an annual visit to the national championship competition at Tulane University in New Orleans.

3rd Battalion and 4th Battalion are the Rook training units. There are typically three companies in each, with a varying number of platoons within each company based on the size of the entering class. This “single site” training model helps ensure a standardized, high quality and professional first-year experience for the Corps’ newest cadets.

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