The Cadet Oath and Creed

The Cadet Oath

I … will henceforth strive to live by the Norwich Creed.

As a member of the Norwich Corps of Cadets I promise to accept and apply the principles of the Honor Code; to abide by the Norwich Rules and Regulations; to obey the legal orders of Norwich officials and my seniors in the Corps of Cadets; to foster the Norwich spirit; and to uphold the traditions of my Alma Mater.

In all my endeavors from this day forth I will reflect the spirit of the Norwich motto: “I will try“

The Norwich Cadet’s Creed

I believe that the cardinal virtues of the individual are courage, honesty, temperance and wisdom; and that the true measure of success is service rendered—to God, to Country, and to Mankind.

I believe that the fundamental problem of society is to maintain a free government wherein liberty may be secured through obedience to law, and that a citizen soldiery is the cornerstone upon which such a government must rest.

I believe that real education presupposes a sense of proportion in physical, mental, and moral development; and that he alone is educated who has learned the lessons of self control and open-mindedness.

I believe in Norwich, my Alma Mater, because within her halls throughout the years these tenets have found expression while men have been taught to be loyal to duly constituted authority in thought and word and deed; to view suffrage as a sacred privilege to be exercised only in accordance with the dictates of conscience; to regard public office as a public trust; and finally to fight, and if need be to die, in defense of the cherished institutions of America.

– K.R.B. Flint, Class of 1903

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